Martyn Armstrong, Tech Founder, CEO & Public Company Director, Investor

Mr. Armstrong has over 25 years CEO experience in the leadership of private and public software companies. A strategic leader, technology innovator and entrepreneur he has developed businesses from start-up to public listing, lead many complex business acquisitions, dispositions and reorganizations. Martyn attended British Columbia Institute of Technology (Electronics) and Capilano College (Systems Technologies, Business Management), and early in his career developed several large software systems for data communications, supply chain, business process management for a wide range of industries. Mr. Armstrong is the founder of Mala Ventures, the software firm SoftCare EC (, and OpenEC Technologies which he lead from private to public company and sold to QHR Technologies, the leader in Medical Practice Software in Canada ( The SoftCare business operated in Canada, USA and China. After a year with QHR as the CEO of the their US business, Mr. Armstrong has focused on Mala Ventures activities in investing, mentoring, and developing new business opportunities in technology software and IT services with his close network of experienced technology executives entrepreneurs.

WIlliam Dagher, Tech Founder, CEO and Private Equity Executive, Investor

Mr. Dagher has over 30 years of health care services and health care technology experience and 8 years of private equity experience. Since 2005, William has been investing in privately held companies. William was the President of iPlexus Solutions, Inc, which provides cloud based medical billing decision support, medical clearinghouse and medical billing functions; servicing over 6000 health care providers nationwide. iPlexus was acquired by the SoftCare group and is now a part of QHR Technologies. Previously, William was President of the e-Health Solutions division for Per-Se Technologies with over $60 million in revenue and $12 million in EBITDA, with 350 hospitals and 55,000 physicians. Under William's leadership, the e-Health division was the fastest growing PerSe division for four years and became the second largest medical clearinghouse in the industry. Per-Se acquired NDC Health in 2006 and Per-Se was purchased by McKesson in 2007. Prior to joining Per-Se, William held two positions with MedPartners including Vice President of Information Systems and Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions. MedPartners / Caremark which was the largest physician aggregator and a leading Pharmacy Benefit Management Company with over $33 billion in annual revenue. Caremark was purchased by CVS in 2007.


Roy Trivett, CEO, CTO, Angel Investor and Public Company Director

Mr. Trivett founded, led and grew Architel Systems Corporation (ASC) from start-up through sale in 2000 to Nortel Networks for $600 Million. Mr Trivett's experience spans the globe with his successful leadership of technology innovation, market development and business execution of sophisticated enterprise solutions. After the sale to Nortel he was a founding member of Vancouver Angel Investor Network and has held executive and board positions as CEO Visiphor Corporation,a law enforcement data sharing software sold to Knowledge Computing Corporation, acting CEO, Secondsun Entertainment Inc., Playstation based computer games developer and assisted Brainchild Studios in their 3D computer animation business. Mr. Trivett has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, with Distinction and a Masters of Systems Engineering from Carleton University.

George Dorin, CFO, Corporate Finance Executive, Public Company Director

Mr. Dorin has 30 years of broad-based financial experience, including over 18 years as a VP Finance or CFO for several private and public companies.  He holds undergraduate degrees in Science and Accounting from the University of British Columbia, a Masters Degree in Finance from the London School of Economics in England, and the Diploma FCSI (Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute).  A Chartered Accountant, he was also granted a CF (Corporate Finance) specialist designation from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants in 2008.   Prior to his work in industry, he worked in the financial services sector as a Senior Accountant with Ernst & Whinney (now part of KPMG), as a Manager in the Corporate Finance Group and Management Consulting Group at Price Waterhouse, as an Assistant Manager at the Royal Bank of Canada, and as an Investment Advisor with Pemberton Securities (now part of RBC Dominion Securities). 




What We Do

Business Strategy and Organization

We evaluate and assist in development of business strategy and organizational structure to build strong business foundations, executive teams, operation execution and financial reporting and corporate governance systems.

Intellectual Property Market Positioning

We review, identify and position Intellectual Property to maximize market opportunities for revenue development, marketing positioning, sales strategies, channel strategies and execution plans.

Corporate Finance Strategy & Capital Access

We provide strategic planning and positioning for IP based business to be ready for capital raise, corporate reorganization, acquisitions (buy and sell), pre-public positioning, go private positioning, management buyouts and investment partnerships.

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