• Innovation

    that leads to disruptive & competitive
    advantages for industries, business opportunities and efficiencies
  • Potential

    to create high value & shareholder returns
    Change the way it is, to what it can be
  • Timing

    Are your solutions Customer & Market ready
    Well defined markets with current need driven by business value.

Mala Ventures provides Strategy Development Expertise along with Access to Capital to create, grow, organize and manage Intellectual Property (IP) based business.

About    Team

What We Do

Business Strategy and Organization

We evaluate and assist in development of business strategy and organizational structure to build strong business foundations, executive teams, operation execution and financial reporting and corporate governance systems

Intellectual Property Market Positioning

We review, identify and position Intellectual Property to maximize market opportunities for revenue development, marketing positioning, sales strategies, channel strategies and execution plans.

Corporate Finance Strategy & Capital Access

We provide strategic planning and positioning for IP based business to be ready for capital raise, corporate reorganization, acquisitions (buy and sell), pre-public positioning, go private positioning, management buyouts and investment partnerships.

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